The 2018 BookBaby Independent Authors Conference is a skills-building educational weekend event for 500 independent authors.

Our goal is to bring together bright minds to lead sessions that will improve skills, foster learning, and inspire creativity. We give independent authors the practical skills they need to publish and market their books and manage careers as independent authors.

Take your career to the next level.

  • Find the INSPIRATION you need to finally publish your book.
  • Learn a lifetime’s worth of publishing KNOWLEDGE in just three days.
  • Get the ANSWERS to your biggest self-publishing questions straight from industry professionals.
  • Develop an actionable STRATEGY to be more successful as an independent author.
  • Gain a better UNDERSTANDING of who you are as an author by networking with industry pros and writing peers.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Keynote presentations from successful authors and industry leaders
  • Over 20 workshops and panels focused on publishing and marketing your book.
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow writers and expand your writing network.
  • Discussions with real publishing experts ready to answer your questions.
  • Personal interaction with knowledgeable industry professionals.

You’ve probably noticed our emails and promotions for the upcoming Independent Authors Conference. I can hardly wait for the first weekend of November when hundreds of authors and aspiring authors descend on Philadelphia. BookBaby has invited the best and brightest in today’s publishing world to share their insights, strategies, and insider tips.

So what do I need to explain about the conference? Simply this: Why our ticket price is so darn cheap—just $249.

I’ve attended dozens of conferences around the US and Europe. Similar writer events like the Willamette Writers or San Francisco Writers Conference are double—even triple—the price of our admission. When you add on travel and hotel expenses, the costs really go up. If you’re one of those people who think, “you get what you pay for,” you might think our price is TOO low.

But it’s not. We’ve deliberately established an almost too-good-to-believe price. From day one we wanted IAC18 to be accessible. Our goal was to keep the ticket price low so that nearly anyone interested in learning about self-publishing could attend. It’s one way BookBaby can give back to the writers’ community and help grow the self-publishing marketplace. And I promise you that this is not a weekend-long promotion of our company. This conference is dedicated to empowering and educating writers who want to know more about becoming authors, plain and simple.

At $249, this is one case where you are going to get a LOT more than what you’ve paid for.

And if you need one more reason why you should come to Philadelphia this fall, here’s a blog post I wrote about why attending at least one writer’s conference can be critical to your success as an author.